Recall Efforts Against Sevastopol School Board Moving Forward

A group, angered at the Sevastopol Board of Education over its decision not to renew the contract of former Elementary Administrator Mary Donaldson, has made good on its threat to force a recall to unseat Board President Sue Todey and Vice President Bill Behme. A total of 743 signatures was needed for each board-member to move the process forward and that number was exceeded in each case. The group’s handi-work has been submitted to Board Clerk Lisa Bieri for verification. A media release indicates the recall route was taken as a last resort. While the group indicates that it represents the “will of the majority,” there are indications of a split of opinion among residents of the school district. How great a fissure won’t be known until a vote is taken. The group says a slate of candidates won’t be announced until the signatures are certified and an election date is set. A previous attempt to force a recall election for board-members Jay Zahn and Jane Luebker failed when it became obvious that the group would be unable to gather enough signatures by the deadline.

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