With a Roll of the Dice Bell Becomes Sister Bay Village President

It was an unprecedented outcome in Tuesday’s election results for the position of Sister Bay Village President. Incumbent Rob Zoschke and challenger Nate Bell both received exactly 256 votes. The Sister Bay Municipal Board of Canvassers met at the Village Administration Office at 10AM Thursday to determine a method of breaking that tie result, and to execute that method. It was revealed the method for breaking the tie would be with the rolling of dice and the higher roll would determine the winner. Neither Zoschke nor Bell were present for the meeting, but they both allowed the board of canvassers to roll the dice on their behalf. After a dice rolling of “six” to “two”, it was determined that challenger Nate Bell will become the next Village President in Sister Bay. Bell shared with us his perspective moving forward after he gets sworn in…

Bell will be sworn in, along with 3 new Village Trustees, at the next Village Board meeting the evening of Tuesday April 18th at the Sister Bay Fire Station.

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