Voting Error Leads to Recount for SB City Council Seat

A recount to tabulate voting in the spring election in the 7th Aldermanic District in Sturgeon Bay has been requested by the two candidates in light of an error in voting Tuesday. The final tally recorded after balloting was completed indicated that challenger Kirsten McFarlin-Reeths had defeated incumbent Laurel Hauser by three votes 248 to 245. However, one voter, after casting his vote in the aldermanic race, realized that he had been given the wrong ballot and that he was actually a resident in the sixth district where there was no election for alderman. The man informed the City Clerk, Stephanie Reinhardt, who checked with the state elections commission. They explained that the man, who lives on the border between the two districts, had been put in the wrong polling book based on the placement of a pin on the wrong side of the line. The problem was corrected, but, because of the closeness of the final outcome and the matter of the wrong ballot, it was determined that a recount of the seventh aldermanic district allotting was in order.

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