Sturgeon Bay Defuses Dangerous Situation By Student

With recent shootings at schools in Wisconsin fresh on everyone’s minds, the Sturgeon Bay school district acted quickly to defuse a situation that arose out of a post on social media Tuesday morning. A 17-year old student posted an angry and threatening message that was seen by other students who reported its content to the administration. The student was supervised by the school resource officer and administrators Tuesday before leaving with police officers. Students were given a briefing by administrators and allowed to leave school with their parent’s permission. In addition, parents were advised of the situation by way of a phone message. Meanwhile, the student and his parents are cooperating with authorities and the teenager understands the consequences of venting on social media.

Sturgeon Bay Superintendent Dan Tjernagle says school districts must react quickly when faced with real or perceived threats to students and staff. He says the hope is that something positive will come out of the incident…

Tjernagle says knowledge and communication are key to dealing with a dangerous situation in the school, along with those who have information coming forward…

In his message to parents and students, Tjernagle extended thanks to those who called to make sure the district was aware of the situation.

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