Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Dep. Welcomes “Squad 6-24”

The Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Department welcomed the newest apparatus to their fleet this week, the “Squad 6-24”. This heavy-rescue custom built truck was made in Appleton by Pierce Manufacturing. It carries up to 6 firefighters to structure fires, automobile accidents, technical rescues, and other similar emergencies. Members of the department spent 3 years working towards the completion of this new addition. Fire Chief Chris Hecht tells us it first arrived in November, but it still required work before being put into use…..

The “Squad 6-24” will now respond first to all car accidents in the Sister Bay Liberty Grove district as it carries all the extrication tools on-board, specifically the “jaws of life” equipment. This truck is replacing a previous 34 year-old truck and is now the newest of their 10-unit fleet. Fire Chief Hecht expresses his gratitude on behalf of the department……

The Sister Bay Liberty Grove Firefighters Association donated the funds to complete the truck’s recent tool mounting and upfitting. The “Squad 6-24” is now the most updated and equipped vehicle in the department’s fleet.

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