Saturday Bluff Fire Near Gills Rock

A fire call was made by a person out on a jet ski near Gills Rock Saturday night. At about 6:00 pm, the caller reported a fire on the bluff along the shoreline with several large trees burning near a residence. This was along the bluff line between Wisconsin Bay and Northport. Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Department arrived to find the fire was actually approximately 400 feet from an unoccupied residence. It was in a heavily wooded remote area halfway down a 60-foot bluff. These conditions created very difficult terrain for the firefighters to respond in. Sister Bay Fire Chief Chris Hecht explains the situation………….

Assistance was called for from the Gibraltar Fire Department for their fire boat to gain possible water access and more manpower while the Ephraim Fire Department was called to set up a water fill site. The fire departments worked hard and fast to control and contain the fire before darkness fell. Crews monitored the area and firefighters continued with overhaul operations Sunday morning to ensure it would not rekindle. In the end, the fire had burned an area less than one acre and had actually burned underground and through pockets in the bluff. Fire Chief Hecht says it was most likely caused by a lightning strike and was actually burning for days…..

With help from the Gibraltar Fire boat and the Ephraim Fire Department manning the water fill site, Fire Chief Hecht says the multiple fire departments worked well together using about 5,000 gallons of water to extinguish yet another unique fire situation found here in Door County………..

The firefighters spent approximately 6 hours extinguishing the fire Saturday evening and another 6 hours with followup on Sudnay morning to ensure it would not rekindle. There were no injuries during the response.

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