Liberty Grove Electrical Fire

There was a fire call north of Ellison Bay Monday afternoon. At 3:40 pm, the Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Department was paged for a possible electrical fire at a residence on the west end of Europe Bay Road. Sister Bay Fire Chief Chris Hecht reports that fortunately a member of his department was working at a nearby residence and responded immediately. At the home he found an overheated electrical outlet being used with a space heater. He quickly isolated the appropriate circuit breaker, turned it off, and removed the space heater from the home. Fire Chief Hecht reports the department responded with 3 apparatus and 10 firefighters. They used thermal-imaging equipment to confirm there was no burning in the wall beyond the burned outlet, and luckily the damage was limited to the outlet and space heater. Fire Chief Hecht then shared some helpful advice….

The fire department left the circuit off and it was reported to the homeowner’s electrician. The entire response took about 20 minutes.

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