Sevastopol Board of Education Writes Letter to Community

The Sevastopol Board of Education is asking for help from district residents as it moves forward. In a letter issued Friday, the board says communication is the key. The controversy that arose over the status of elementary principal Mary Donaldson, who eventually resigned, created bruised feelings on all sides. The school board’s letter notes that change is generally not easy and, at times, not everyone agrees with the changes that have been made. However, even with the disagreement, all should be working for the same thing, the success of the students. According to the letter, now is the time to set things on the right path and begin working together. The board has learned from the situation and is focusing its attention on improving the culture in the schools. It hopes to do that by addressing concerns, listening to understand, keeping the lines of communication open, providing feedback, and, working to establish trust among the school board, the school’s chain of command, teachers, staff and parents. While trust is not accomplished overnight, the Sevastopol School Board is asking for help and the leeway to give the effort a chance. The letter is signed by school board president Sue Todey and the members of the Sevastopol School board. A copy of the letter can be read here SB Parent Letter 5202016

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