Recount Over in Door County

The presidential recount in Door County is over and, after four days of hand counting ballots, a total of 16 votes were tossed, four for the Trump/Pence ticket and 12 for Clinton/Kaine, resulting in substantially the same final number as originally reported. Those numbers were 8,580 votes for the Trump ticket and 8,014 for Clinton. County Clerk Jill Lau says the votes that were eliminated were due to improper signatures, either by the voter or by a voter’s witness. Lau says the recount took four days, ending Monday evening at 5:30PM. She says a total of nine people, including herself, participated in the recount, generally working from 9AM to 5PM each day. Lau says the number of observers fluctuated downward as the recount went along and their enthusiasm waned.

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