Presidential Recount Begins in Door County

A hand count of all of the ballots cast in Door County in the presidential election began today. County Clerk Jill Lau says just under 18,000 votes will be counted before the process ends after four to seven days of work. Lau says the schedule calls for the recount to run between 9AM and 5PM through Saturday, with a recess on Sunday and back at it on Monday at 9AM.
A half a dozen tabulators will be joined by three members of the board of canvassers and Lau for the recount. Lau acknowledges that some of the functions of her office will have to be put aside temporarily while the recount is ongoing. She estimates that the recount could cost $14,000, but says the final number could be more than that once the final ballot is counted. The results of the recount will end up in Madison at the Wisconsin Elections Commission. By the way, the final presidential vote in Door County for the top two contenders was Trump/Pence 8,584 and Clinton/Kaine 8,026.

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