Numerous Pledges of Financial Support for Sevastopol Referendum

Another pledge of support for the Sevastopol School District if the referendum on the building project is approved in November has been received, this time from the Sevastopol FFA Alumni. The group says it will donate $30,000 for the expansion and enhancement of the greenhouse portion of the project. School building plans include a 1,300 square foot greenhouse. The donation is intended to extend its size, as well as address any additional infrastructure needs. The funding offer comes on the heels of a $5,000 pledge made on Monday by Wood Orchard. If the referendum passes, the money would be available to the school district to purchase items not included in the current building program or use it to reduce the amount of money the district has to borrow to finance construction. The largest pledge, at two million dollars, was made by the Andrae family and Therma-Tron-X. Again, contingent upon the referendum’s passage, the money would be invested in improving the technology education rooms, fab labs, and by allowing the addition of a new middle/high school science wing.

The referendum question asks for permission to borrow an amount not to exceed 25 million dollars for the proposed building project. Another question seeks authorization to exceed the state imposed revenue cap by two million dollars in each of the next two school years in order to maintain educational programming and pay for operational and maintenance expenses. Sevastopol School District voters will make their opinions known on November 6th.

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