No Recall Election for Forestville County Board Seat

There will be no recall election for a seat on the Door County Board. A vocal group opposed to the draw down of the Forestville Mill Pond had submitted enough signatures to set the recall process in motion in an effort to unseat incumbent 3rd District Supervisor Roy Englebert, who had voted with the county board majority that approved the two-year draw down project. Because three candidates were on the ballot, a primary was needed to set the two person field. However, state statutes indicate that if the incumbent receives a majority of the ballots cast the process ends and he or she will finish out the rest of the term. During voting Tuesday, Englebert received 70 votes or just under 54% of the 130 votes cast. Laura Jorgenson finished 2nd with 43 votes or about 33% of the voters in the primary. Jason Tlachac had 17 votes. It should be noted that the seat will be up for election again in April.

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