Incident at Algoma Elementary a Misunderstanding

What was originally reported as a suspicious incident at the Algoma Elementary School has now been declared a misunderstanding. On Tuesday evening a woman attempted to pick up a student at the elementary school, which she identified as a relative. The student was not allowed to leave with the woman, and left at a later time with  a parent. The woman came forward and cooperated fully with law enforcement. After coming forward it was learned that the woman was at the school to pick up her granddaughter, but a misunderstanding of the child’s name led to the wrong student being summoned to the office. The student then did not recognize the woman and was returned to class. The grandmother did locate her grandchild after school was released.

Algoma Schools followed its safety policies and procedures throughout the incident and notes that at no time was any student at risk during the incident. The school district thanked the Algoma Police Department and Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Department, along with the families involved for the quick resolution to the misunderstanding.

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