Chicken Coop Fire in Jacksonport

There was a chicken coop fire in Jacksonport Tuesday afternoon. At 12:15 pm a neighbor luckily smelled fire and found the coop to be in flames at 3360 N. Sunrise Dunes Circle. He made the fire call and then started throwing buckets of water on the fire until the Jacksonport Fire Department showed up. Apparently, the wind had blown over a heat lamp in the chicken coop. It landed on some bedding which soon caught fire within the coop, and it eventually spread to 2 nearby trees. Fire Chief Nathan Leclair reports the department responded with 2 trucks and 6 firefighters. They used 200 gallons of water to extinguish the area, and the operation took about 30 minutes. Chief Leclair said the chicken coop was a total loss, but luckily no chickens were harmed during the fire.

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