Car Fire in Ellison Bay

Friday evening there was an emergency call for a vehicle on fire in Ellison Bay. Around 7:40 pm, the Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Department was dispatched to the scene. On Highway 42 just near the Parkside Inn, they found a local elderly couple who were on their way home from grocery shopping apparently were unaware they had a rear flat tire. They had driven on it for an extended period of time causing it to heat up to the point of starting on fire. This fire advanced somewhat into the vehicle causing the couple to pull over. Sister Bay Fire Chief Chris Hecht reports his department responded with 2 trucks and 8 personnel. They were able to extinguish the vehicle in about 15 minutes using 50 gallons of water. Afterwords, some fire personnel gave the couple a ride home with their groceries. Fire Chief Hecht recommends that if you notice you have a flat tire, it is best to pull over immediately and arrange repairs as opposed to continuing and attmepting to your destination.

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