All 21 Seats on Door County Board Up for Election This Spring

All 21 seats on the Door County Board will be up for election in April and, already, a large number of individuals have filed nomination papers for the positions. The list includes incumbents Roy Englebert in district 3, John Neinas in district 2, John Koch in district 4, Susan Kohout in district 6, Dan Austad in district 8, Ken Fisher in district 10, Mark Moeller in district 12, Kathy Schultz in district 13, Randy Halstead in district 16, David Enigl in district 17, Steve Sohns in district 18, Don Sitte in district 19, and, Joel Gunnlaugsson in district 21. In district 14, which encompasses three wards in the Town of Sevastopol, challenger Linda Wait has filed nomination papers.

The candidates who still have papers out include challenger David Englebert in district 1, challenger Patrick Olson in district 3, challenger Nancy Robillard in district 5, incumbents Helen Bacon and Dick Haines in districts 7 and 8, incumbent Richard “Biz” Virlee in district 15, and, incumbent David Lienau in district 20.
All candidates have until January 5th to submit nomination papers. The spring election will be held on April 5th.

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