WPS Warns Customers of Scam Artists

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation is reporting that a scam has again surfaced involving customers scattered throughout its coverage area. The attempts take various directions, from disconnection for non-payment to paying charges to repair or replace meters. Small businesses have been contacted as well. Scammers have gotten more sophisticated and often are using technology that will show Wisconsin Public Service on caller id. All of the scam attempts have a couple things in common…
They tell customers that payment must be made almost immediately to avoid disconnection, and, customers are told to purchase a prepaid credit card at a nearby pharmacy or other store and call back with the numbers on the card.
Luckily, very few of the hundreds of customers who have reported the scam have fallen for it, but that doesn’t stop the scam artists.
Some things to remember:
WPS will never tell a customer to purchase a pre-paid credit or debit card, its field representatives are not authorized to collect payments, customers facing disconnection have generally spoken to the utility several times, the winter moratorium on disconnections is in effect through April 20th, and, anytime there is a scam attempt, customers should contact local law enforcement and the Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection.

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