Wooly Mammoth Statue Crosses Steel Bridge

Tuesday morning there was an eye-catching scene as a large wooly mammoth statue was transported from the Edgewood Orchard Gallery near Juddville down to its new home in Sturgeon Bay’s Bay View Park. JR Jarosh from the gallery drove the truck which pulled the mammoth by trailer and he describes the unique delivery here……

Just before arriving at its new home, the mammoth crossed the Michigan Street steel bridge with a police escort. The statue on the trailer stood a total of 9 feet 6 inches tall and the bridge clearance is over 13 feet, so there was no worry of it not fitting through the bridge’s steel beams. Jarosh says this statue’s artist, Carl Vanderhyden, has other pieces on display at the Edgewood Orchard Gallery, but the wooly mammoth is perfect for its new location…..

The wooly mammoth was paid for entirely by donations, and the City of Sturgeon Bay provided the platform in Bay View Park where the statue now stands, peering across the bay towards the old stone quarry.

Photos submitted by JR Jarosh:

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