Women’s Fund Receives Grant to Continue Childcare Solutions

The Women’s Fund of Door County recently received a third $100,000 grant award from the Ford Foundation to continue working towards long-term solutions in this area’s childcare shortage. With approximately 1,000 children aged 5 or younger in Door County, there are 288 spots available at a licensed or certified childcare provider, while about 50 children are taken care of by family members. This leaves over 660 in the county with childcare of an unknown quality. The United Way of Door County says the average cost of home-based childcare in the county is $800 per child per month while a childcare center costs $1,000 per child per month. For many single-income households in the area, that equates to about 40% of one’s income for the care of one child.
The Women’s Fund of Door County is working with local experts and community partners to offer solutions to local childcare needs. Those solutions include a co-funded community childcare coordinator position at the United Way, certifying students in Red Cross babysitter training, supporting local childcare centers, assisting in-home childcare providers, and partnering with local businesses and governments to help offset the costs of childcare for employees.

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