Weekend of Fire Calls for Sturgeon Bay

Just before noon on Friday, the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department responded to a call for a detached garage on fire at 2418 Sand Lane a short ways off County Road ā€œUā€, just south of Sturgeon Bay. It was reported a gentleman was conducting maintenance on his lawnmower when it caught on fire. Soon the nearby grass was also burning and then a small portion of the siding of the garage. Assistant Fire Chief Kalin Montevideo says they responded with 2 engines and 6 personnel. The area was extinguished with approximately 750 gallons of water in just under one hour. Then about 4 hours later there was a call for smoke and/or fire on Bay Shore Heights Drive near George K. Pinney County Park. Upon arriving, the fire department found a small dumpster at a private residence which had caught fire. The fire had started low in the bottom of the dumpster and it was packed full of contruction material. The company owning the dumpster could not be reached, so the property owner assisted with his skidster in removing debris while the firefighters used about 2,000 gallons of water to extinguish the fire. The response consisted of 4 vehicles and 7 firefighters and the entire operation took under 90 minutes. Then there was a 3rd fire call early Sunday morning at Tadych’s Econo Foods. It was called in as smoke and possible fire in a back room near the meat bunkers. Assistant Fire Chief Montevideo reports that when they arrived the problem was soon identified as an electical outlet in a meat display case where the plastic had all burned causing much smoke, but there was no active fire. They cut the power at the circuit breaker and then assisted with dismantling the case to make sure any fire danger was eliminated, after which no additional danger was found. This response lasted just over one hour. With regards to the 3 fire calls the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department had this weekend, they were all extinguished effectively and there were no injuries.

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