Valmy Little Free Library Offers Food

You may have seen these “Little Free Libraries” around the state, or even around the country. A concept which originated here in Wisconsin, these small structures usually hold a rotating stock of books for anyone to give and take from as they please. A local business owner has decided to adapt her little library for a new purpose in order to assist her community during this difficult time. Nell Welsing, of Welsing’s Foodland in Valmy, noticed some neighbors in her community were out of work because of the ongoing health crisis and might be struggling to buy groceries. She then took it upon herself to put some non-perishable food items in her little library as a new way to offer help to those in need. As Welsing explained, she is stuck working most of the time with little to no time to volunteer, so she thought this was a good way to assist her local community. It’s rather fitting to find food in the little free library at “Foodland”.

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