Two Sturgeon Bay Firefighters Win Life-Saving Award

There was a special presentation Tuesday afternoon at Sturgeon Bay’s City Hall. Two of the city’s firefighters, Brian Hanson and Anthony Moore, were honored for their brave life-saving efforts in their response to the late February structure fire at Butch’s Bar. Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman addressed the assembled crowd of fellow firefighters and family members describing the department’s Life-Saving Award and the event where Firefighters Hanson and Moore were called to the scene…..

Firefighters Hanson and Moore were the first responding unit on the scene that cold morning when they discovered an individual in distress in a 2nd story window. Fire Chief Dietman details what happened……..

Fire Chief Dietman then handed the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department Life-Saving Award to both Firefighters Brian Hanson and Anthony Moore, marking the first time these awards have been presented……..

Speaking to the chamber full of fellow firefighters, Fire Chief Dietman then thanked and commended all the firefighters for answering the call to duty on a daily basis without reservation or hesitation, commending all of them for their sacrifice, service, and valor. We here at WDOR would like to offer our sincerest thanks and congratulations to Sturgeon Bay Firefighters Brian Hanson and Anthony Moore.

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