Tuesday Fire at Sturgeon Bay Compost Site

There was a fire call Tuesday afternoon at Sturgeon Bay’s compost site out on Division Road. Shortly before 4:00 PM, the call came in that the compost pile was on fire with smoke and flames visible on about a quarter of the pile. Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman reports that the department responded with 2 trucks and 4 fire-fighters. When they arrived on the scene they noticed the east side of the pile was free-burning. With some help from the Street Department using a front-end loader to break apart the pile, and with about 5,000 gallons of water, they were able to extinguish the fire. At this time, the official cause of the fire remains unknown. Having nothing to do with Tuesday’s fire, the grinding which was to take place at the compost site will not be taking place, for the time being, due to mechanical issues with the contractor, so the compost site will remain open until further notice.

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