Towns Approve BUG Fire Department Upgrade

A $2.8 million project to upgrade facilities for the Brussels-Union-Gardner Fire Department will move forward as a result of voting at annual meetings in the three towns Tuesday. A majority of voters in the fire department’s coverage area approved the recommended upgrades as part of an advisory referendum on April 5th. However, the final approval was reserved for the annual meetings. The numbers were as follows…
Brussels  Р91 Yes Р2 No
Union – 144 Yes – 41 No
Gardner – 73 Yes – 29 No
The requested funding will pay for a new BUG firehouse off County Trunk C and an upgrade the department’s station in Little Sturgeon. A selling point for the expansion project was a financing commitment from Door County for the new station and the continued ability to house a county ambulance in the Brussels area. Proponents also scaled back the original plans by $1.5 million and agreed to phase in desired improvements at the facilities.

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