Summary of Tuesday’s Sturgeon Bay City Council Meeting

Herbicide will be used in a landscaping project at Sawyer Park in Sturgeon Bay as a result of action taken Tuesday by the city council. The council had been asked to eliminate the use of herbicide as part of preparing beds at the park for planting. However, the change order recommended would have increased the cost of the project by $3,316, with a savings of $113.80 cents by using volunteers rather than the roundup-type herbicide to kill the grass in an area where specimen plants and beach stone are being installed.Sunnypoint Landscaping is doing the work for the city.

Forest Construction was tabbed to do the construction work on a storage building at the Municipal Services site off North 14th Avenue. The new building, when completed, will be a 50 by 96 by 14 foot structure and comes with a pricetag of $88,500. The city had budgeted $125,000 for the storage building.

Stantec, Incorporated will do the annual aquatic vegetation spraying at a cost not to exceed $13,467.36. The spraying is done at marinas and boat launch areas of the city. Most of the cost of spraying is reimbursed back to the city by private marina owners.
The 2014 financial audit report for the City of Sturgeon Bay, provided by Schenk Government and Not-for-Profit Solutions, was accepted and placed on file. Prior to taking action, council-members heard an overview on the yearly audit report. The bottom line, the City of Sturgeon is in good fiscal shape.

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