Sturgeon Bay Schools “Child Find” Session

Two times a year, the Sturgeon Bay School District conducts what they call a “Child Find” session to better acquaint themselves with the toddlers who will soon be pre-K or kindergarteners. The upcoming fall session will be Friday October 22nd, and Director of Special Education & Pupil Services Lindsay Ferry explains what all happens during this “Child Find”……….

Those concerns might include the child not developing as quickly as other siblings in the family, at which time the parents and child will be provided with appropriate support. Once the pre-student is assessed, that information is used to determine whether or not the child would potentially qualify for special education. If the child does qualify, Ferry explains what happens next…….

Ferry says these sessions are especially important for families with youngsters which are new to the area, or for children who weren’t already in day care or an early school setting……

Again, that Sturgeon Bay Schools “Child Find” session is coming up on Friday October 22nd. If you have any questions concerning the next “Child Find” session, you can call Pupil Services at 920-746-2816.

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