Sturgeon Bay Moves Forward With Premier Economic Development District Plans

If the state agrees, a “Premier Economic Development District” will be set up on the west side of Sturgeon Bay as a result of action taken by the Sturgeon Bay City Council Tuesday afternoon. The council was told that creation of the district will provide two additional class b liquor licenses that can be used within the coverage area which encompasses a little less than 40 acres. With only one such liquor license currently available, the addition of two new licenses will meet the need related to proposed development projects such as the waterfront hotel and a brew pub on the west side. The new state program, essentially created to support the Titletown District development in Green Bay, comes with a long list of criteria including the requirement for 20 million dollars of new building in the district. It was noted that the licenses could free up the remaining liquor license for a new business anywhere in the city. The new licenses come with a hefty initial fee of $30,000 each. Those fund would go to the city. Subsequent renewals of the west side liquor licenses would come with normal costs.

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