Sturgeon Bay Has Received Four Proposals for Grain Elevator Property

WDOR News has learned that in response to requests for proposals regarding the old grain elevator on Sturgeon Bay’s west side waterfront, the city has received four proposals. One of them envisions a public/private effort to renovate the large structure as part of a “granary district” or “granary neighborhood.” The local group, led by Laurel Hauser and Dan Collins, has hired the Kubala Washatko Architects to provide conceptual drawings and Middleton Consulting and contracting to come up with cost estimates. A two-step vision is offered in the proposal submitted to the city’s waterfront redevelopment authority including building stabilization followed by the development of multiple floors of dedicated space to be used by artists, non-profits or technology ventures. The top floor and “head house” could be used for meeting space with a view. A copy of the proposal can be found at

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