Sturgeon Bay Fire Calls

The Sturgeon Bay Fire Department has been kept rather busy in the last 4 days. On Saturday, they were paged at 4:30 am for smoke in the basement of a multi-unit home at 107 Pine Street. Smoke alarms were going off and all tenants had evacuated the house. Fire Chief Tim Dietman reports that they sent 2 engines and 4 personnel to respond and they found smoke but no fire. After over an hour of investigating the scene, it was discovered that an upstairs neighbor had burnt a pizza very badly and opened a window letting the smoke outside. Once outside it was sucked into the central air unit which pushed the smoke into the downstairs residence where it activated the smoke alarms. Fire Chief Dietman says this situation can serve as a reminder for a few fire safety practices……

Then on Monday morning, just before 10:30, the department was paged for a tree on fire near a house and powerline at 1547 Egg Harbor Road. They arrived and quickly used under 50 gallons of water to extinguish the area and get it all cooled down. Fire Chief Dietman reports that the property management was using a propane torch to burn off weeds in a stone-landscaped area. The flames got too close to a nearby cedar tree and it ignited with a powerline overhead. The fire was extinguished quickly and the fire never got near the powerline. They cleared the scene in about 20 minutes and there were no injuries.

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