Sturgeon Bay Considering Adopt a Park Program

Is there a park in Sturgeon Bay you’d like to help out at? On Tuesday, the city council will consider a resolution on the idea of creating an “adopt-a-park” program in the city. If approved, the program would give citizens the ability to volunteer for the park system. Participants could be individuals, families, churches, businesses, and, civic groups. It was noted that city parks vary greatly in size and some locations are perfect for large groups, while other park spaces could easily be maintained by one or two people. Some of the benefits of having an adopt-a-park program include civic engagement, an improved environment, and, safer and more beautiful parks. A total of 13 parks in Sturgeon Bay could be in play if the program is implemented. The list of parks includes, Bay View, Bullhead Point, Cherry Blossom, Franke, Garland, Big Hill, Martin, Otumba, Sawyer, Shiloh Road Dog Park, the skatepark, Sunset, and, Woods West.

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