Snowmobile Accident on Rock Island

A 51-year old Washington Island man was airlifted to a Green Bay hospital by helicopter Thursday afternoon after he was thrown off the snowmobile he was riding and over at cliff at Rock Island State Park. Andy Austin complained of having back and chest pain after the accident. Local authorities were contacted shortly after 4PM. Apparently, Austin’s snowmobile struck a tree stump and he was catapulted over the bluff and to the ground below. Luckily, the snowmobile did not follow him down. Because Austin was out in the cold for a protracted period of time, it was decided to use the Eagle-Three helicopter to transport him to medical facilities in Green Bay. Joining an island police officer in the rescue mission were a Door County deputy, ambulance personnel, firefighters and the park ranger. In addition, a number of citizens provided their machines so that the injured party could be helped as quickly as possible. The last group left Rock Island around 6PM Thursday.

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