Sheriff’s Department Warns of Scam Calls

As long as there are angles to try, scammers will continue to contact potential victims. The Door County Sheriff’s Department logged in a recent conversation with a resident who reported receiving a call from someone purporting to be from the county law enforcement agency. The scam artist made it look like the inquiry was coming from a department non-emergency phone number and told the would-be victim resident was that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Unless arrangements were made to post bond, he would be taken into custody the next day. The local resident hung up on the caller. The Sheriff’s Department says, had he not hung up, the scammer would have requested personal information along with a credit card number. The Door County Sheriff’s Department says it would never place a call and ask that a bond be paid for over the phone. As always, local authorities are always available to help someone who has questions or concerns.

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