Semi-truck Fire on Lake Forest Park Rd.

At just around 5:00 pm Tuesday, there was a fire call out on Lake Forest Park Road, just east of Sturgeon Bay. Upon arrival to the scene, Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman found a semi-truck trailer very much on fire and there was one male with injuries. The semi-truck and on-site workers were from an underground boring company who were doing some directional boring underneath Lake Forest Park Road. The semi-trailer was actually holding their “bore gel” which is used on the boring process. Fire Chief Dietman explains how the fire began…..

Dietman says the contents in the burning semi-trailer, the “bore gel”, is a pretty neutral product, so there was no hazardous release of materials. The fire department response consisted of 4 trucks and 7 firefighters. They used about 3,000 gallons of water and, as Dietman details, the semi-tractor was saved, but the trailer was a total loss…..

The fire department operation was completed by 7:23 pm, but the burnt hull of the trailer stayed overnight to be dismantled in the morning.

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