Search for Missing Doctor Moves to the Water

The search continues in Door County for an Appleton area physician missing since June 29th. Doctor Jeffrey Whiteside of Grand Chute reportedly disappeared near his condo and boat slip in the Ephraim area and hasn’t been seen since. A concerted effort on land and water utilizing local law enforcement and other public and private groups has yet to turn of a clue as to the doctor’s whereabouts. Wednesday, the Door County Sheriff’s Department and the DNR will be conducting a search of Ephraim area waters using a sophisticated sonar device. On Thursday, an airplane will again search a target zone along the shoreline. Deputies are also expected to conduct a door to door search of places Doctor Whiteside could have visited during his disappearance. Cadaver dogs were used in a search of the woods in the area, but the dogs were unable to pick up a scent. In addition, the sheriff’s department has used automated phone calls to land line phone customers from Carlsville to Washington Island to remind them of the search for the missing physician.


Dr. Jeffrey Whitside

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