Seal Coating Work on Highways 42 & 57 Next Week

Door County Highway Commissioner John Kolodziej has announced that the Highway Department will begin two seal coating projects for the Department of Transportation next week. The work, which is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, will be done on…

Highway 42 (Town of Gibraltar)

From Rainbow Ridge Court to Gibraltar Bluff Road
Highway 57 (Town of Sevastopol)
From Mid Junction to County P

A liquid asphalt spray will be applied to the roadway followed immediately by a coat of small aggregate. When applied, a seal coat provides a durable all-weather surface that extends the life of the blacktop. Kolodziej says the Highway Department will be using a moving road closure during the seal coating operation. Complete closure of short segments of the highway means traffic will use side roads as a bypass, closing the roadway to all traffic for a short period of time. After crews have moved through a segment of the roadway, the highway will be immediately opened to traffic. Additional work, including the sweeping of aggregate, beginning about four hours after the seal coat is applied, will occur under traffic. Pavement marking is planned for Thursday, July 21st. Any questions should be directed to 746-2500.

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