Scammers Preying on WPS Customers

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation says it has received eight reports of customers being contacted by individuals purporting to represent the utility based in Green Bay. The calls surfaced in the Oshkosh area. Customers have been told their account is delinquent and they face disconnection if they don’t immediately pay their bill by way of a pre-paid debit card. Of course, the customers who follow the phony instructions have been victimized by the scammers. Another variation of the scam is a requirement that customers gather the amount owed in cash for pickup. Kerry Spees, a spokesman for the utility, says WPS would never make these kinds of payment requests. Spees suggests that if you get such a call…

Calmly write down the information provided by the caller…

Call WPS at 1-800-450-7260 to verify if you have
received a legitimate call…

and, if not, call the police to report the scam.

If it’s a scam and you have made the payment, chances are you won’t be seeing your money again.

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