SBVC Polling Members on Possible Street Closures

The Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center is calling on its membership to take an online survey to provide input on the request of Fincantieri/Bay Shipbuilding to close down portions of 1st Avenue and Jefferson Street. Bay Ship is considering the purchase of the former Palmer Johnson Yachts facilities as part of an expansion plan for its operation off 1st Avenue. SBVC members have been emailed instructions on how to complete the survey. Pam Seiler, Executive Director of the local tourism organization, explains why membership input is being gauged…

A special public meeting will be held on December 8th and the city council could act on the Bay Shipbuilding request a week later. Seiler says the visitor center membership will know how their peers feel about the requested action well before that meeting…

Seiler noted that all survey responses will remain anonymous. A traffic study related to the Bay Shipbuilding request is available on the City of Sturgeon Bay’s web site

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