SBPD Warns Residents of Rental Scam

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department is warning residents of a rental scam that surfaced on Craig’s List recently. Earlier this month, a man followed up on an ad for a rental unit in the city. He called 1-903-741-4187 and spoke with an individual who identified himself as the Reverend Orlando Fernandez. The bogus minister indicated that the rent was $700 monthly and could be paid by way of Western Union. When the local man asked why a “for sale” sign was on the property, he was told it should have been taken down. The two men communicated at this email address, Local law enforcement says the email address has been linked to other scams across the United States. The man contacted a real estate agency and Sturgeon Bay Police after he learned about the rental scam. The Sturgeon Bay Police Department says anyone with concerns about calls, mail or other incidents should not hesitate to call the department at 746-2450.

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