SBPD Safely Defuses Situation With Suicidal Man

Sturgeon Bay Police officers were able to successfully defuse a volatile situation involving a suicidal man carrying a knife late last week. At 5AM on Friday, February 19th, officers were dispatched to the local medical center where the 31-year old man had been evaluated by a crisis worker. They found him holding a knife in a corner of a hospital room and attempted to negotiate with him. But, as they talked, the man began to cut his throat with the knife. To prevent further injury, officers used a taser, but it was ineffective. However, the man dropped the knife after multiple cans of pepper spray were used. He was transported to a psychiatric facility for treatment. No major injuries were sustained by the participants during the incident. Later, the officers learned the man was hoping they would kill him, a situation commonly referred to as “suicide by cop.”

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