SBFD & DNR Rescue 30 Ice Fishermen Sunday

Snowmobile riders from the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department and the Department of Natural Resources rescued 30 fishermen stranded on the ice of the Bay of Green Bay near Old Quarry Park, in the Town of Sevastopol, Sunday afternoon. The initial call came in at about 1:52PM after concerns were raised about the group on the ice at Larson’s Reef being able to return to shore safely. Sturgeon Bay Chief Tim Dietman says seven snowmobiles and some utility terrain vehicles were sent to the fishing location and they brought back the fishermen one-by one until all were safely on shore. We’re told that four or five trips were needed to complete the rescue and each round trip took about 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish. Chief Dietman praised the people who participated in the rescue effort, noting that many of them were on scene until shortly before 6PM. The charter group was taken to a heated bus after their trip off the ice. No injuries were reported.

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