Questions for Law Enforcement about Governor’s Order

Now that we are a few weeks into the governor’s “Safer at Home” order, law enforcement has been noticing a few frequently asked questions concerning this order. One question is whether law enforcement can prevent people from traveling to Door County. In a joint release from the country sheriff’s department, Sturgeon Bay Police, and the county district attorney, their answer is simply “no”. The order does not give law enforcement the right to keep people from traveling into Wisconsin or Door County. They cannot pull over a vehicle simply for having out of state plates. There must be reasonable suspicion of a crime for law enforcement to pull someone over. Another question is about what can be done legally about people violating the laws of large gatherings or social distancing. During today’s talk show here on W.D.O.R., state trooper Logan Christel said they can enforce this law.

Now is a good time to again remind everyone that social distancing is our only defense against this virus.

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