Potawatomi Tower Expected to Re-Open in 2025

It was over 6 years ago when the observation tower in Potawatomi State Park was closed due to safety concerns regarding the structure’s wood decay. It wasn’t until late 2023 when Governor Tony Evers ordered the stabilization of the tower by authorizing the use of $500,000 in emergency funding. That work began last spring and was completed before the end of the year. In order for the tower to be re-opened to the public, there are a few more concerns and conditions to be met. Some of the railings on the tower need to be replaced since they are too short and might not be strong enough if people are leaning on them. Then, there are some other safety improvements and historical conditions which must be met. Wisconsin DNR Lands and Facilities Director Terry Bay gives us their current schedule for that work…

The 75-foot tall tower was first opened in 1931 as a tourist attraction offering beautiful views off the park’s bluff. It was closed in 2017 due to the safety concerns, but by next year at this time the original but repaired tower should be open once again.

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