Plans for Egg Harbor Road Upgrade Continue

The estimate for upgrading Egg Harbor Road in Sturgeon Bay this year has been set at $1,174,000. Another $39,000 could be added if sidewalk is installed along a segment of the busy roadway. The city’s board of public works will hear about project plans from representatives of the engineering firm of Baudhuin Incorporated during its meeting Tuesday afternoon. Elements of the work would deal with groundwater including a culvert, storm sewer and detention pond. The installation of sidewalk is planned, but not for all areas of the road due to cost considerations related to the relocation of utilities. Because of its configuration and the businesses along the way, the Egg Harbor Road upgrade includes a series of challenges. The current plan includes some adjustment to the existing islands to accommodate turning movements from driveways and the widening of travel lanes to provide space for a bike lane. Nearly three dozen decorative lights are also part of the plan. The recommendation expected to be considered by the board of public works calls for authorizing Baudhuin to complete plans and obtain sealed bids in order to complete the Egg Harbor Road upgrade in 2015.

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