Planning Workshops for Enhancing Fish Creek Waterfront

Two days have been set aside this week for planning workshops for residents in the Town of Gibraltar. The old town hall in Fish Creek will be headquarters for the workshop which is the next step in the master plan process. The town has engaged the Appleton firm of Short Elliott Hendrickson, Incorporated to gauge public opinion on enhancing waterfront areas in Fish Creek and the adjacent downtown business center by improving connectivity, access, parking and circulation. Two walking tours have been scheduled Monday by planning consultants. Andrew Dane, Senior Planner and Project Manager, says rather than playing with computer models in an office in Appleton, it’s better to start by interacting with residents on the ground…

Dane also says real progress can be made without engaging in a wholesale makeover…

On Monday evening, from 6-8PM, participants are invited to take part in an exercise to identify locations in the community that need improvement or show future potential. More community involvement is planned for Tuesday in Fish Creek.

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