Pinkert Law Firm Drops Defamation Lawsuit

The Pinkert Law Firm and attorneys Jim Smith and Randy Nesbitt have voluntarily dismissed their lawsuit for defamation against Carri Andersson of Sturgeon Bay. According to a news release issued by the Sturgeon Bay law firm, the principals continue to believe that statements made by Andersson related to the proposed waterfront hotel were false and defamatory, but it was decided to withdraw the lawsuit in light of suggested requests made both publicly and privately.

The lawsuit alleged that statements attributed to Andersson indicated that the firm was representing both the city and the developer and that the firm was guilty of gross incompetence. The news release notes that the Pinkert Law Firm has an established reputation of providing quality legal services for over 75 years and Andersson’s comments were an unfounded attack on that reputation. According to the statement, the lawsuit was filed, not to cause any undue financial hardship or to prevent freedom of expression, but to focus on the fact that people remain accountable for false and defamatory statements, whether they’re expressed on social media or otherwise.

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