Notice to Boaters on Sturgeon Bay

In a recent statement from Sturgeon Bay Harbor Commission Chairman Gary Nault, he addresses how the current high lake levels and the increased erosion is affecting many of our shoreline residents. They are asking for an extension of the “no wake” zones on both the north and south areas of Sturgeon Bay’s waterfront. This has been a rather controversial subject that may have some negative effect on waterskiing, personal watercraft use, as well as water travel to Lake Michigan and the outer bay. In an effort to reduce the damage from boat wakes, Nault is requesting boaters to use courtesy when traversing some of these areas, including the bay are south of the Bay View Bridge, especially for boats coming in from Lake Michigan. Even more specifically, larger boats slowing down at the bridge creating a large wake. Another problem area is the northwest shoreline just south of Bullhead Point with boats near the shoreline. Slowing down in that area or staying closer to the main channel on the Bay Ship side will help residents in that area. Operating responsibly and with courtesy to shoreline residents will help minimize shoreline erosion. It will also help to not extend the no wake zones.

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