No New Home Construction for Door County Habitat for Humanity This Year

Door County Habitat for Humanity has announced that the organization will not be undertaking a new home construction this year. In a recent press release, Executive Director Lori Allen says this decision was not made lightly, but rather as a result of careful consideration and future strategic planning. Two main factors contributing to this decision include financial constraints, and not being able to finalize an approved partner family for this year’s build. During the previous year, Habitat completed 2 new homes and a remodel, which stretched their financial capacity, and the rise in home costs further stretched their financial resources. Traditionally, Door Habitat built one new home annually, but in today’s economic climate, competition for funding is fierce, and they are working to ensure that every dollar is used wisely to maximize their impact.
Their focus for this summer will now include critical home repair, permanent and/or rentable ramps, deconstruction of home renovations to recycle, reuse, resell valuable building resources, and Re-Store operations. They will also continue to develop financial partners for their next new home build, which will be home number 50.

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