New Hearing Scheduled for Man Convicted of Homicide in 2014

A new hearing has been scheduled in Door County Circuit Court for Brian Cooper, the 38-year old Plainfield, Illinois man who was convicted on two counts of first degree intentional homicide in May of last year. Cooper had been accused of the strangulation death of 21-year old Alisha Bromfield, also of Plainfield, Illinois, at a southern Door County resort in August of 2012. Bromfield was pregnant at the time. Judge D. Todd Ehlers granted the request for an evidentiary hearing after Cooper, through his attorney Ana Babcock, indicated that the defense in his second jury trial had been “ineffectual.” More specifically, Babcock said the defense attorney should have pushed for the option of the lesser charge of first degree reckless homicide. Cooper has contended that he was so intoxicated at the time, that he didn’t know what he was doing, raising doubt that he intended to kill Bromfield and, by extension, her unborn child. District Attorny Ray Pelrine argued that the new hearing is unjustified. Cooper’s first trial in Door County Circuit Court ended in a hung jury, although he was convicted on one count of third degree sexual assault. A second jury handed down the guilty verdict. Judge Ehlers indicated that the evidentiary hearing will be held on October 28th. Cooper is currently doing his prison time in Waupun.

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