New Death’s Door Exhibit at DCMM in Gills Rock

A new Death’s Door exhibit will be unveiled when the Gills Rock facility of the the Door County Maritime Museum opens on Saturday. As part of the opening, the debut of a new interactive technology called “augmented reality” is planned. Using a tablet provided by the museum or your own personal smart phone, visitors will experience maritime history in a new way. The new exhibit explores the origins of “Ports des Morts”, as it was referred to by French explorers, all the way back to the Native American tribes and the legends associated with them. Some of the many shipwrecks attributed to the stretch of water will be explored, along with the accounts of fishermen who plied the waters on a regular basis. The fishing exhibit has been expanded, with its 45-foot vessel the “Hope” as its centerpiece. The Door County Maritime Museum facility at Gills Rock is located at 12724 West Wisconsin Bay Road, adjacent to the town park.

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