Navy Rocket Leads to Explosive Scare Thursday

There was a short scare involving a possible explosive on Sturgeon Bay’s west side Thursday evening. Shortly before 6PM, Sturgeon Bay Police responded to a call from 54 North Cumberland Avenue, with the caller reportedly finding a “1970s Navy rocket.” Maritime Museum Executive Director Kevin Osgood had been checking inventory in the museum’s storage unit when he located the rocket, removed it from the building, and placed it on the grass outside, unsure if it had fuel or explosives in it. He had been in contact with several people from the museum who were unsure if the rocket was active or not. He noted that the head of the rocket had an “inert marking,” but when he moved the rocket something had been moving within the device.
Osgood reported it was what was known as a “folding fin aerial rocket,” and it was donated to the museum in the 1990s from a fisherman in the Gills Rock area after it had been found entangled in a fishing net.
A call was then made to the Brown County Bomb Squad. At about 7:45PM, Lieutenant Jansen from the bomb squad, and Door County Emergency Management arrived. The rocket was then scanned using their equipment and it was found to be inoperable.
It was reported the rocket may have been used for training by the US military and had been fired at one time, but the rocket’s nose cone only contained lead. The bomb squad’s Lieutenant Jansen then seized the rocket to later turn it over to the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives.

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